Albany stopover

What a welcome, even at 3 a.m.  Not only from friends and family of the crew, other Clipper crews but also from the town of Albany.  Great steaks and salad from the volunteers after our epic Southern Ocean crossing.  We managed to make up over 24 hours on the rest of the fleet.  But with little time to relax as we prepared for the start of the next race only 4 days later, it was on to repairing the Code 2 spiny as one of the sailmakers.  Oh and we meet Mark our new skipper.

Our stopover was made comfortable as Glenys had again put on her ‘mother hat’ and sourced some great accommodation.  It did mean that we were able to thank Ben for bringing us successfully across the Southern Ocean and welcome Mark to the team into the very early hours.

Thanks to the community of Albany as they made us feel really welcome and helped with some repair work.  It was sad to loose so many of the crew, so many of them having been on since delivery week and London.  The new crew members were fantastic at getting stuck in and helping to make sure the boat was ready for the next race.  A great way to start to get to know some of the characters.

We may not have got a prize for our placing but we are winning prizes for our blogs and pictures.  Look out for Ellen’s Mascots on Facebook to hear more about Pete the Parrot’s journey with Team Garmin. Supporting Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust

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