Brest stopover

Our first taste of what its like to have the Clipper fleet arrive in a port, we literally take over a town as the teams take the opportunity to relax during the evenings and enjoy some of the local culture.  Although the plan was loosely to stay on the boat, the local Ibiz offered soft beds and warm showers so many of us took the opportunity to have a few night away from our ‘home’. The hard work seen during boat prep week continued as we tried to finish some of those ‘nice to have job’ and some more urgent leaks before crossing our first ocean.  For the crew it was the first time that we had the time to really relax together.  And what a team of dancers we have with the Dancing Highland Warrior (Janet) showing how’s it done.  Showing that Strictly Come Dancing is not just for the UK, Jim and Carter took it in turns to spin various ladies around the dance floor.  There was the time to celebrate a very special birthday – Fred’s 21st.  He is with us to Albany and already we are seeing changes.  I don’t think his folks will recognise him when they next see him.

Brest also saw the first corporate day, some of the crew supporting and for the rest of us a very welcome day off.  The crew really showed their strength as a team to get everything done and the boat and crew into a good place before our departure.  The start of the race was a little disappointing as there weren’t many spectators but it was good to get out there and on our way.

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