Brisbane Stopover – 4 days

As we are becoming accustom, arriving last means that we have to be super organised in port to complete the repairs and servicing required before the start of the next race.  Team Garmin boat came out of the water for 3 days to do a fleet-wide fix on the rudders. Which meant some were servicing at some 6 – 8 feet in the air.  Not much time to see what Brisbane offers, the little bits that we saw provided us with good food and live music.  The Clipper prize giving location was an interesting insight into Aussie life in the ‘Burbs’ – a casino / sports bar attached to a pub with additional ‘eye candy’ for the guys.  Sharing accommodation with other crews provided a welcome chance to share experiences and understand boat politics – yes even out here there is some!  The larger location for the stopover, it seems the less time we spend together as a crew or be more social with other crews other than at the marina.  I think I prefer the smaller stopovers as they tend to be genuinely interested in the race and why you are doing it.  Maybe its the slightly celebrity status that appeals…..?!

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