CapeTown Stopover

Another hill to climb as part of the sight-seeing – Table Mountain and what a view….  You could even see the boats sat in the marina.  I hoped to do more this stopover however things evolved that were outside of the team’s control.  Damian, the skipper, left the boat and Ben stepped up to take on Team Garmin across the Southern Ocean.

Ben has fantastic experience at running a campaign having come 3rd in the last race.  His all-inclusive approach was a breathe of fresh air with focus on developing the skills of the whole team so that we would become more multi-skilled and better sailors.  It was clear that the team dynamic was going to change too with his approach.  We worked hard over the 9 days to get the boat ready for the next race start.  Even the whales came out to greet us on our training sail.

The stopover was made so much more special when we arrived as Glenys, Terry’s wife (I’m now adopting as my ‘other mum’!) organised some apartments.  Its the small things you appreciate, mine was a washer and dryer in the apartment to get all of my kit sorted.   I can’t explain how much it means to be able to get off the boat the night you arrive and sleep in a comfy bed and be able to have a ‘normal’ shower the next morning.  Oh and being able to put on ‘normal’ non-sailing clothes!  Cape Town gave us the opportunity to mix with the other crews and find out how their journeys had gone on the first two legs.  Its amazing how similar our experiences had been not only in terms of sailing but challenges with people onboard.  It comes down to what others want to gain from the experience but there are no points scored for those who feel that sitting on the rail in the wind and rain is ‘optional’.  There are definitely some relationships beginning to grow, even within the same boat.

Cape Town is now high on my ‘come back to’ list as I missed so much including shark diving and the wine tour.

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