Hobart Stopover – 4 days

Arriving in Hobart, you soon realise the scale of the Sydney Hobart as crews concregate in Customs House and exchange stories of their own journeys and which boats had the misfortune to have to turn around.  It seemed that the whole Clipper 70 and Clipper 68 crews took part in this customary celebration.  We had a lovely welcome and rendition of happy birthday from various other boat crews whilst we enjoyed  a wee dram to kick start the celebrations.  We said goodbye to Liam, our media berther and looked forward to reading his reviews of his journey with us.

The food festival added to the celebratory atmosphere and allowed us to indulge – mine was oysters for breakfast. It was a great opportunity to catch up with others, especially as we now had New Years eve celebrations on-shore. The announcement came that the race start was delayed to 2nd of Jan, a good excuse for a bit of a blow out. Calls were made back to the UK as we were nearing the end of our celebrations and they were just starting theirs. A really unique New Year, spend in fantastic company.

I was given an inspired piece of advice from a past circumnavigator and a fellow Clipper Round The Worlder, to start to write a diary, capturing my learnings, feelings and frustrations. I wish I had started it sooner as it is proving invaluable to consolidate my thoughts. Is there a book in there somewhere??

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