Race 7 – Hobart to Brisbane – 7 days

The delay meant more time to ensure we were ready for race start and also allowed some recovery time from New Year celebrations. Strong winds meant not much sleep was had the night before and made for a close start out of Hobart Bay.  Unfortunately for Mission this also meant an injury in the first 24 hours and led to turning back for land.  It also meant the return of a reduced crew as some battled with sea-sickness.  Again our position soon dropped to back of the fleet,  The weather conditions were definitely more challenging on the return to Australia, crossing the Bass Straits.  Life at a 45 degree angle became the norm again but without the big waves rolling over the deck as there were in the Southern Ocean.

Then we started to take in water from our starboard rudder.  The original strategy was to get off-shore to make the most of the stronger breezes.  With a leaky rudder and also the small accident Mikey had, the tactic changed to keeping close to shore to enable us to detour at any point.  This really cost us any chance of making up ground on the rest of the fleet as we remained on a starboard tack as much as possible to take the load on the other rudder.  We were in the good company as PSP, had a problem with their backstay. Overall we came 9th which wasn’t too bad a result for us.


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