Jamaica Stopover – 6 days

The first night into Jamaica can only be described as ‘messy’.  There was a pool and a new drink, Rum and Ting, providing entertainment as the crews came in over the course of 5 or 6 hours.  I had the pleasure of staying with the DLL girls in, what can only be described as ‘Rustic’ but it provided us with a place to lay our heads, a shower and a washing machine.  The only problem was the one set of keys between 4 of us……..  Fortunately we had a fall back plan as Peirre (a round the worlder from DLL) had his family over and they had taken on a lovely place in the Blue Lagoon. Its a good job they didn’t mind visitors and we were definitely treated as one of the family.  My personal fall-back plan was a villa complex further round, breakfast, lunch and dinner invitations were gladly accepted and a chance to catch up with some friends from other boats.

I was also invited to go diving, woo what a treat and not one to miss out on getting under the water, I jumped in.  A fantastic morning, in great company with amazing reef life and even a turtle in the middle of his lunch.  A swapped t-shirt as a souvenir – who could ask for anything more.  Hanging out with the DLL girls meant I became an ‘honorary crew member’.  How lovely to be invited to Ollie’s (DLL skipper) birthday celebrations.  It was a stunning location and great company.  Oh and all the girls made it home that evening.  There was talk of doing yachts master together so hopefully as an honorary member I will be able to sail with them too after this journey has finished.  Jamaica was a great stopover and lots of fun but I was glad to get back on the boat for a rest and routine again.