Race 5 – Albany to Sydney – 12 days

A slow start to Race 5 as we ducked to avoid PSP Logistics after their collision with Great Britain took out their steering.  Steve captured some great images whilst following us on the rib.  With people stood all round the coastline I hope that we provided the spectacle that makes Clipper to people who have never sailed.  Unfortunately with half the new crew going down within the first 24 hours with sea sickness changing sails meant we lost touch with the fleet

Its interesting how sea sickness affects people.  I’ve been fortunate not to suffer too much with it but it seems extremely debilitating for some.  Fortunately it normally only lasts 3 days (about 1/4 of the race) and then with all crew on deck we continued to take some ground out of some of our close competitors.  GIven the number of new crew and experience with the 70, Mark was cautious with his tactics.  Although we had some big sea and an impressive lightning storm coming into Sydney, it felt like mother nature is saving up some her might for our next journey South.  It was good to not be too far behind the fleet this race, coming in 10th and know that we have some serious time off in Sydney to recoup our energy levels ready for the Sydney Hobart race on Boxing Day.

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