San Francisco Stopover – 7 days

The arrival into San Francisco was an emotional one.  Illation to know that this was the final long ocean crossing we will do and seeing a friendly face from home (the first since Sydney).  If I was to do this race again, I think I would encourage / even pay for friends to come out and meet me in the stopovers so I make the most of every moment I have on land.  Janine was amazing and had sussed out the key tourist attractions we should do as well as tapping into local knowledge (Sarah and Sarah) to know the hidden secrets of SF.  Even with just 5 days of time off, we managed to relax and enjoy the vibe of SF.  A visit to Napa Valley was a special treat.

The laptop was fixed after over 3 hours spent in the Apple store to try and convince them to do it in the timescales but thats another story.  I’m amazed at the genuine interest in what we have done and still to do on this journey.  It felt good to relive some of those more positive moments as well as remembering the tougher parts of the journey and be able to say ‘I survived’.Proving that it really is a ’small world’, I bumped into Bill in South Beach yacht club.  Bill, Pete and a team from SF came over to the UK to take part in an annual regatta, SeaFever.  Unfortunately for the regular attendees of the regatta, they showed their sailing prowess and took top honours two years in succession.   Bill spotted me across the room and came over to say hi.  I had the great privilege of taking part in their Friday evening sail club race (the night before race start) and see how a more professional team race on a small boat.  What was going to a quiet night finished in the early hours with packing still to be done.  However there was the promise of the appearance of the SF team back at SeaFever next year.

There are a few places on my travels that I would consider living and SF is definitely in the top 3.


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