Singapore Stopover – 5 days

Half way round…….

The slow approach to Singapore has provided some thinking time about what there is left to achieve on this epic journey. After travelling over 25,000 miles and 5 and a half months, I feel I have accomplished loads and becoming a better sailor as well as learning about my own personal traits. The objective of completing a circumnavigation holds less of a pull to continue as I can honest say that anyone who has circumnavigated half the world has been through some of the worst sea conditions (especially taking on the Southern Ocean), challenging weather and learning to live with 23 other strangers in a confined space ñ a huge achieve in my eyes.

After completing a coaching exercise I learnt some years ago, I have reflected on the more important things that drive me to continue. I still feel I have a lot to learn about sailing and hope that the next few legs will provide some challenging conditions to navigate my way through. (but hopefully not involving a ‘knock down’ (when the top of a boat’s mast goes in the water) or any serious injury). Being part of an awesome team also appears high, so I will challenge myself about what I am doing to help build an awesome team. Hopefully our resilience will start to show in our positions on the scoreboard, especially now as we are on our 4th skipper, Jan Ridd.

As for Singapore, its a short time spent here but with all the major jobs completed on the way in we had a fair amount of time to ourselves. Frustratingly I still can’t get my apple mac fixed but hopefully I will find some where in China. There were plenty of opportunities to see Singapore from all vantage points. I was introduced to Portuguese tarts (a bit like custard tarts but sweeter) as well as sampling a lot of street food. We did the obligatory Singapore Sling in Raffles as every tourist has to. After time to relax and get rid of any evidence of sea and salt from my body, I’m ready to give it 100% in the hard race up to Qingdao.

Unfortunately we unexpectently lost 3 crew members. Elliot took the decision to go back to his studies, given the race delays. Shazza and Carter ( both Round the Worlders) left for personal reasons but will hopefully rejoin in Qingdao or San Fran. We will miss them but understand that family has to take priority.

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