Sydney Stopover – 10 days

So this was the stopover that all the Round The Worlders were looking forward to, most because of family and friends making their way to the other side of the world to meet us but also we were guarenteed some good time off.  The Leggers were awesome, picking up the majority of the job list to get everything ready for race start.  There were a few changes to sails that needed to be done for Sydney Hobart but sitting in the park next to the CYCC didn’t seem like too much of a hardship, especially as Kim had catered for us bringing freshly cut ham (its the little things that really make the difference).  I also completed my Australian sea Survival course so watch this space as I could do more off-shore races down under.

I had a tough corporate sail day to do when I was asked to spend time with the Waratahs. Heres a link to how it went……. Waratahs Sailing Lesson

The additional time also meant seeing our friends on other boats and catching up on journeys so far and enjoying their company. There are so many highlights, not least as I managed to do ‘normal’ things like shop, cook, go out for meals and catch up with friends and family back home (I couldn’t be without Facetime and Skype when I’m on shore, its like you are all in the same room). My friends had sent out a care package and I was totally spoilt by one of my London friends who was in Sydney and comondered an apartment for us, giving me a base away from the boat to relax and recoupe.

Christmas day wasnt quite as expected as the rain hammered down but we did manage a walk (normal on Christmas day) along the coast, watching others attempt to keep their plans of an open air BBQ in the rain. Boxing day came all too quickly but the excitement of the Sydney Hobart soon had us all buzzing.

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