Race 6 – Sydney to Hobart Race – 4 days

Woo, I cant believe I am taking part in the famous Sydney to Hobart race and it top it all its my birthday the day after we leave – what a way to celebrate.  The parade of sail was pretty iconic to the Harbour Bridge but nothing prepared me for the race start (not even the Round the Island race starts I’ve done in the Solent).  Boats everywhere and the super maxis seem to be able to turn on a sixpence.  What a slick machine and crew and that was just us!!  We made a fantastic start and although not official, we were second Clipper boat over the line.  As the Super maxis disappeared into the distance we jostled with all kinds of boats to get the best 24 hours in we could.

Having a media berther, Liam on our boat was great fun as he recorded our journey from a different perspective. I have attached the link to his video pieces below. The highlight for me has to be my birthday. As is traditional on our boat, I wrote the daily blog (you can see it on the Clipper website under Crew Diaries). There aren’t the words to describe how awesome it was and I will remember the day for the rest of my life. Its a hard one to top for next year.

Dec 27th Article

Dec 29th Article

Dec 30th Article

Some low-lights however did sneak in as we dropped places down the fleet. I don’t know if it was concerntration levels that failed but we made a few silly errors in the later days of the race ñ breaking 2 reefing lines which cost us 4 hours as we fixed them and a major navigational error as we approached Hobart. Oh well another race lost as we came in 10th position but spirits were high as we looked forward to New Year celebrations.

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